Click to say #metoo.

The bigger the number the harder it is to ignore.

We can't even begin to count how many of our friends, family members, colleagues, girls-met-in-nightclub-toilets, school lollipop ladies, or mum's mates have said #metoo. It's a damn shame. Even us women had no idea the problem was this huge. But it's huge.

The problem is, the #metoo hashtag only gives a voice to those who feel comfortable using it. We want to give everyone a chance to say #metoo, anonymously. And we don't want it to get lost in your newsfeed.

Facts can change behaviour.
So help us put this monster of a number in one place. Click the button above to be counted as a human being that has been sexually harassed or assaulted.

Times like these can be testing, triggering and distressing.
Please do not suffer alone.

For everyone

For female identifying voices

For male identifying voices

For LGBTQIA voices

This list of resources is not exhaustive, please get in touch @metoothreefour with any suggestions you have which others in need of support might find helpful.

While we very much believe it was important the #metoo campaign originally represented female voices, we think it's equally important to have a conversation about all victims of sexual harassment and assault and we do not wish to silence anyone.